Losers are Winners in the Fat Loss Game

    /24-7PressRelease/ – SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND, April 02, 2008 – Research carried out for a Southampton University project has revealed Call of Duty 4 is top of the chart as the most effective video game to shed those unwanted pounds (on average 9 lbs a month), with Xbox 360 being the most successful fat burning console (1.6 percent body fat reduction per month).

Data from the companies GZ Personal Trainer program was analysed using a random sample of 250 male and female gamers aged between 18 and 35.

From July 2007 the GZ Personal Trainer program has been collecting the gamers daily Gamercize and other fitness workouts, such as jogging and team sports. The GZ Personal Trainer program provides easy to understand weight loss graphs, body fat percentage analysis, BMI calculation and waist hip ratio health indicators.

The university project, sparking the data analysis, is researching consumer experience of active gaming products and how effective such equipment is in providing health benefits. Theoretical calorie burn of the Gamercize products is the highest in the active gaming market and the project will be looking at how much of this potential is realised in practice.

“I see two unique aspects of our approach that helps sustain interest in exercise. These explain why Gamercize customers are so successful in reaching their health and fitness goals, and why Gamercize products are in constant use, as this research shows.

“The first strength is our compatibility with every single game. This provides appeal to the widest possible audience, but more importantly means fitness isn’t left on the shelf when the latest game release hits the stores. It is this adaptability that has proven to be a big hit not just in homes but in schools and commercial gyms too.

“Making the exercise secondary to the game experience is the other key aspect. We don’t control the game with exercise; we let the player control the game the way the designers intended. Using the games full potential makes it easier to forget the effort of using the stepper or cycle while playing.

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